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  1. Me & My Little Humbugs

    Happy New Year to you all! I hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas. I would like to wish you all the very best for the year ahead.

    Sneak peek...-9


    We have some really exciting news...

    If you have been following us on Facebook or Instagram you will have seen the sneak peeks of our brand new range. It has all been kept top secret while we have been filing the copyright paper work, but can now proudly show the world our newest additions.

    What makes Little Humbugs reward systems different? The shapes and combinations of tokens we offer, the huge choice of options available and of course, the personalisation! This has been at the very heart of the SIX new designs, of which you can see all of the sneak peeks here!...

    I am very excited to tell you that these new systems will be launching early in 2019 with SIX GIVEAWAYS to celebrate.

    Little Humbug has teamed up with some carefully selected creative businesses to bring you giveaways like we have never done before.

    You will have six chances to win one of the brand new systems! So pop over to our social media pages and keep your eyes peeled for details of how to enter.

    In the meantime, all of the new systems are available to pre-order HERE with a special introductory offer - FREE personalising! This will close at the end of January. We are anticipating that all orders will be completed and posted during February 2019.

    For now, all that is left for me to say is HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your little humbugs.

    Amie x


  2. Me & My Little Humbugs

    It's mid January, those pesky little elves left a while ago now and no body is keeping watch! A well behaved Decmeber is now a distant memory, as is the panic of getting into bed and remembering 'that elf!'

    22770534_1675982469079593_1131675054765913461_oBut fear not, for Little Humbug is here to help, with beautifully bright anf un reward systems, that are most importanly proven to work! We are saving the sanity of parents all year round, not just at Christmas.

    Whats more? Throughtout January, we are offering FREE postage on all reward systems and with delivery within 1-2 weeks, your Little Humbugs will be in a great routine with them in time for February half term.

    Let me tell you more about our most popular system, the Reward Jar, which also happens to be the most personlaised...

    First of all, it is a great idea to get your little one to 'buy into' the idea of a reward system. A really easy way to do this is to get them to help you order it. Start by going throught the list of colours available and letting them 22136860_1656512754359898_7228031326403847508_ochoose a favourite. They can also have little white polka dots added too if they would like!

    Next up is a name - why not let them type it onto the order? I know my little humbugs would LOVE that.

    Last but by no means least... tokens! You can choose from Stars, Hearts or Tractors. Can't decide? Why not order an extra set of a different shape?! 

    The tokens for the jar system are larger than the others. They are perfect for personlaising with a dry wipe marker. Some little ones like to add smiley faces to the tokens before popping them in the jar. And because the tokens are acylic, they simply wipe clean ready for the next use.

    Gold stars are available to purchase in the 'Extras' section of the website, giving you 11 tokens, but one that is super special!

    If you have any questions, as always, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    The offer code you need for the FREE delivery is HAPPY2018

    Amie x