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  1. Me & My Little Humbugs-4

    You might be looking at our range of systems, or have even ordered one, but want to know more about how to use it. Well, here I am to help give you some ideas about how you can make the most of them with your Little Humbugs.

    15894713_1379880335356476_1060141666132184991_nThe systems are so versatile and you can use them in so many ways that I will only be able to cover a few below or you would be here all day reading. But here we go...

    Firstly, I would encourage you to let your little one chose a system and token combination. Get them involved from the start and they will be much more likely to respond positively as soon as it lands through your letterbox. Let them help with picking colours and details, they will be so excited for it to arrive!

    Why not put their name within the delivery address so that I can send the system directly to them. How amazing would that be for them?!


    Communicate with your child, make it clear to them what they need to do to fill their shape, and what the reward might be if they do! 

    PLEASE NOTE: We never used to give Ella a reward for filling her jar. A super smiley Mummy and Daddy with lots of cuddles and praise, and a happy dance was more than enough for her! However, everyone is different and lots of people like to give a treat when 10 tokens have been collected - a trip to the sweet shop, some pocket-money, a day out somewhere, the options are endless so you just do what is right for you and your Little Humbug.

    Hang the system, or prop it up in a place when they will see it throughout the day as a gentle reminder or their achievements and goal.


    Depending on the 'rules' you have set, you can start each day with an empty system - this works well for potty training. Or your little one can collect tokens over a few days until the shape is full.

    Some like to remove a token for bad behaviour, again, do what you need to do and what works with your child. If you child responds well to something visual, this might work well for you.

    The systems have been used by parents, grandparents and childminders all with very different goals to include, potty training, good behaviour, help with bedtime routine, reducing early mornings, eating greens! The list goes on.

    So whatever you are helping your little one to achieve, have a think about how our systems might help you, and of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

    Amie x

  2. Me & My Little Humbugs

    So… here I am, sat writing my first EVER blog. I thought I would start at the beginning - because where else I would start right?!

    Phoebe and Ella033

    So Hello! I am Amie. Founder, designer, creator and face behind Little Humbug Reward Systems. I have two little humbugs of my own- Ella, nearly five (going on 15), lover of books, colouring, being outside, and signing the wrong words to songs at the top of her voice. And Phoebe, 18 months, lover of destroying mega block towers that Ella has built, running round the garden constantly, and being a general dare devil!

    I painted and built my first ever reward system when Ella was potty training, just ahead of her third birthday. We had a real struggle because Ella her severe speech delay and wasn’t saying ANYTHING! Her understanding was brilliant, but she couldn’t physically tell us when she needed to, you know, ’go’. 

    Once we had got over the first hurdle of communication, we then needed a reward and as much as I love stickers, finding them stuck all over the house had become a bit tiring already. So the reward jar was born!

    Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Little Humbug

    Ella picked a colour and I personalised it with her name and pretty ribbon. She was so proud of it! We popped one of those sticky hooks - you know the ones - on the wall next to the toilet, and we were good to go.

    Ella loved posting stars into the jar and was even more excited when I wrote WEE or POO on the tokens with a dry wipe marker. I mean, why wouldn’t she be?!

    Once potty training was a thing of the past, the jar became a focus for good behaviour rewards. We are still using it two years on in this way. The rewards change, and the family of systems grew but I will talk to you about that in the next blog! …