About me & my Little Humbugs

My Name is Amie and I live in the small market town of Aylsham with my husband Stuart, and our two little girls, Ella and Phoebe. We are surrounded by the wonderful Norfolk countryside - a place where we like to explore on a weekend.

I am 30 years young, and have lived in Norfolk all of my life, however, I do love to travel and see new places. As the children get older, we are hoping to travel much more with them.

I have always been very creative, and loved making things when I was a child. My children take after me in this sense - they both love colouring, gluing and sticking whenever they can.

Little Humbug was found in 2015 when I created a reward jar for my daughter who was ready to potty train. Within just a couple of days, Ella was dry! My husband and I put much of that down to the success of the reward jar. 

Ella loved collected tokens and popping them in the jar, striving to fill it with all 10 tokens. Once potty training was a thing of the past, the reward system was used to encourage good behaviour and now, at the age of six, Ella still receives tokens. But now, they are awarded for tidying her room and also to encourage slightly more grown up tasks and chores.

In 2018, my youngest little humbug, Phoebe, was ready to potty train and she chose a cow reward system. Again, within just a couple of days, Phoebe was dry and her reward cow had been filled to the brim several times with tokens being awarded. At the age of three, Phoebe's reward cow is now used to encourage good behaviour.

Inspired very much by my own children, my range has evolved as my business has grown. In early 2019, I took the plunge and purchased our own laser cutter. I now design, manufacturer and hand paint all systems, as well as offering an ever growing range of gifts and decor, to include 'paint your own' reward systems, cake topper, baby milestone discs and more!

I started my business with the goal of being able to leave my day job, and be there more for my children. I wanted to be the one doing the school runs and popping along into school if they needed any parent help. My greatest business achievement came when I was able to leave that day job for maternity leave with my youngest, Phoebe, and not go back.

My best seller is the Jar shaped reward system. I do a happy dance whenever an order comes in and love seeing what colours and combinations you have chosen. I paint and make the systems in the spare bedroom, while listening to 'naughties R'n'B'. I love making the jars and other systems to suit your little ones personalities, and being able to have their names on them makes them even more special. Get your little one involved when choosing the system - it will help!

My business is only limited by my imagination. So you will see new shapes and products releasing whenever I can make one of my new ideas a reality.

I am here to answer any questions you may have, so please do get in touch!

Amie x